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Smooth, hard, and wear resistant, linear motion shafts work with linear bearings to reduce friction in manual and automated systems, such as those found in packing, machine tool, and material handling operations. The smooth surface reduces friction and wear on the bearing—the lower the microinch value a shaft has, the smoother its finish and the less friction it will create. All are turned, ground, and polished to tight diameter and straightness tolerances.

Steel shafts are generally stronger than aluminum and stainless steel shafts but not as corrosion resistant. 1055 and 1060 carbon steel shafts balance high strength and good machinability, making them ideal for general purpose use. 1566 carbon steel shafts have a higher yield strength than 1055 and 1060 carbon steel shafts for supporting heavier loads. 52100 alloy steel shafts are good for high-load applications. They are, however, more difficult to machine than carbon steel shafts.

Stainless steel shafts are more corrosion resistant than steel shafts; however, they’re not as hard as steel shafts and can be more difficult to machine. 420 stainless steel and 440C stainless steel shafts have good corrosion resistance. Shafts with chamfered edges have their edges ground to reduce damage to bearings, housings, and other components during installation.




System of Measurement   Inch       Metric 
Diameter 1mm-50mm
Length   25mm-4521mm   6"-72"
Material Steel  Aluminum  Stainless Steel
End Type Straight
Mechanical Finish Polished          Precision Ground            Turned
For Motion Type Linear
Hardness Rating Very Hard
Hardness Rockwell C52/56/59/60
Heat Treatment Case Hardened
Edge Type Chamfered
Length Tolerance (Text) (-1.2-1.2MM ) (-1-1mm)(-0.8mm-0.8mm)(-0.5-0.5mm)
Temper Not Rated
DFARS (Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement) DFARS Specialty Metals COTS-Exempt
Surface Smoothness 10microinch 0.2microns    12microinch 0.4microns
Yield Strength less than 40,000psi   40,000 to 50,999psi  
51,000 to 59,999psi   60,000 to 99,999psi
Surface Yield Strength 140,000 psi  
Not Rated

Diameter 30mm Length 300mm specification

Metric—52100 Alloy Steel

Lg. Lg. Tolerance, Straightness Surface Edge Type Hardness Hardness Heat Treatment Yield
mm mm Tolerance Smoothness Rating Strength, psi
30 mm Dia. (Tolerance: -0.02 mm to -0.007 mm)
300 -0.5 to 0.5 0.002" per ft. 0.4 microns Chamfered Very Hard Rockwell C60 Case Hardened 57,000

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